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“Netra, in Bangla, means eye. We have chosen this name as we consider our monitorial or watchdog role as the core of our work. We will be the ever-curious and ever-alert observer. We will be reporting the news according to the highest standards of journalism. Public interest, fairness and accuracy are the three principles that will dictate what we observe and how we report. And it is our readers to whom we shall remain accountable as a news organisation.” inaugural editorial of Netra News, December 26th 2019.

Netra News is an independent platform for public interest journalism that publishes reportage, analysis, and debate on Bangladeshi politics, society, and culture. The editorial office of Netra News is located in the Swedish city of Malmö. We are registered as an online publication with the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority (Myndigheten för press, radio och tv).

Netra News is a project of Bangladesh Media Network, a non-profit association, which is overseen by an organisational board. Kerstin Brunnberg (journalist, Sweden) is the current president of the board. Bina D’Costa (academic, Australia) is the secretary of the board. Dan Morrison (journalist, United States) is the treasurer of the board.

🗞️ Netra News editorial team:

Tasneem Khalil (Sweden), Editor-in-Chief (ansvarig utgivare)
David Bergman (United Kingdom), Editor, English
Israt Jahan (Sweden), Editor, Bangla

⚡ Due to serious security concerns, other staff members and collaborators of Netra News remain anonymous.

📄 What is our editorial mission?

Netra News defends democracy in Bangladesh through public interest journalism. We publish investigations to expose human rights abuses and corruption, we also publish news analysis, interviews and opinion pieces to engender public debate. We are a civic space and champion of democratic ideals and fundamental freedoms in Bangladesh. We resist censorship and distribute multi-format content through ubiquitous mediums while adhering to the highest journalistic standards and ethics.

🪙 How is Netra News funded?

We are supported by a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a private, non-profit foundation that receives a yearly allocation from the United States Congress but remains independent of the United States government. Our news agenda and editorial decision-making process remain strictly out of the purview of NED and even the board of our parent organisation.

ℹ️ Netra News,
Bangladesh Media Network (tillståndshavare)
Responsible publisher (ansvarig utgivare): Tasneem Khalil

Media Evolution City
Stora Varvsgatan 6A
211 19 Malmö

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